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We provide faculty, students, and the community with an integrated approach to protect, validate and transfer intellectual property; support corporate collaborations and industry sponsored research; as well obtain entrepreneurial education and start-up development support.


    We facilitate Intellectual Property (IP) protection and transfer for UCR researchers and faculty.

    Our services include:

    •  Invention evaluation
    •  Patent filing and prosecution
    •  IP marketing
    •  Licensing to startups or established companies
    •  Issuing of options to sponsors

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    We assist UCR researchers and industry with the legal elements that facilitate a successful funded research partnership. We also help UCR and community members with guidance to obtain federal research funding to advance their research toward commercialization.

    Our services include:

    • Contract Negotiation, preparation and management for sponsored research engagements to ensure both parties are aligned and protected. We look after the contract so that the focus remains on the research and the opportunities ahead.
    • Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) development to facilitate the shipping and receiving of research materials from and to UCR.
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) development to facilitate potential research partnership and business discussions protecting confidential information.
    • Assistance navigating the application process for SBIR/STTR federal grants from the Small Business Administration. Our SBIR/STTR resource center offers guidance and expertise to maximize the chances of applicant success.

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    UCR EPIC provides entrepreneurial education and start up formation support to entrepreneurs from UCR and the community.

    Our services include:

    • Entrepreneurial Training through structured programs such as the NSF I-Corps as well as ongoing workshops on topics from IP protection to startup funding delivered regularly by a team of industry experts.
    • Startup Mentorship to help future entrepreneurs, startups and small technology-focused businesses develop and succeed in the market. Our team of Entrepreneurs-in-Residence has deep experience mentoring and directly leading, creating, developing, growing and/or successfully selling their own startups.
    • Incubation at our local Riverside ExCITE incubator to help startups accelerate their development and growth in a dedicated co-working space where crosspollination and learning is facilitated by our team.

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    We collaborate with international organizations, governments and educational institutions to develop their entrepreneurial ecosystems and foster regional economic development.

    Our services include:

    • Online experiential entrepreneurism training to help entrepreneurs and researchers understand their “customer” increasing the chances of success.
    • One-on-one consulting to extend the capacity of international tech-transfer and entrepreneurial teams with expert advice from UCR.
    • Startup and small business incubation in Riverside California as part of the local start-up community with expert mentoring from seasoned executives and entrepreneurs.
    • Soft entry into the US market to assist with access to funds and strategic partnerships.

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    We provide funding opportunities for UCR researchers and entrepreneurs to validate their technology and bring it closer to commercialization. We also work with local and regional venture partners to provide early stage capital investment to UCR and community startups.

    • Idea/concept Validation - $3,000 for customer discovery through the NSF I-Corps Site program delivered on campus each quarter. We also make recommendations for the NSF I-Corps National program where teams can obtain a grant of up to $50,000.
    • Proof of Concept - Up to $50,000 in Proof of Concept grants to UCR faculty who are interested in commercializing their technology.
    • Highlander Fund - $100,000-$500,000 early stage seed capital investments to qualified opportunities.
    • Venture Capital funding – Various early stage funding amounts from our partner VCs for qualified opportunities.
    • SBIR/STTR Grant Application Assistance - Proposal development and submission support for SBIR/STTR funding which ranges from $150,000-$225,000 for Phase I and $750,000+ for Phase II.

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