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About The Office Of Technology Partnerships

Technology Commercialization, Corporate & Strategic Partnerships, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Reporting to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, the Office of technology partnerships encompasses Technology Commercialization, Corporate & Strategic Partnerships, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The mission of the Office is to catalyze the translation of University research and discoveries to the private sector and to provide opportunities for the faculty, students and community at large to explore entrepreneurial endeavors. The structure of the Office as one integrated unit, allows it to be highly effective in interacting with the private sector and the internal stakeholders as they aim at seeking collaborations with the private sector.

Our Mission

Our goal at UC Riverside's Office of Technology Partnerships is to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our region by connecting the university, industry and the community to fast, transparent, efficient and individualized support. Our speciality lies in facilitating the development, funding, commercialization, validation and incubation of life-changing innovations created by local entrepreneurs for the benefit of society.