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We work with faculty, students and staff on the invention disclosure process to preserve the ability for patent protection before publishing or presenting any research. UCR transfers its developed technologies through the education of students, publication of research, and the development of inventions which are transformed by the commercial marketplace into products and services that are available to the public.

Tech Commercialization Process

The university maintains an active patenting and patent licensing program to help facilitate this activity on behalf of the university. This vital step enables increased opportunities for faculty to engage in partnerships, collaborations, or receive royalties through the licensing process.

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Spring 2024 Proof of Concept Grants

The Office of Technology Partnerships (OTP) is thrilled to announce the availability of Proof-of-Concept Funds for Spring 2024, dedicated to fostering innovation and facilitating the transfer and commercialization of UCR-owned intellectual property and technology. This grant opportunity is exclusively for UCR faculty and research staff who possess UCR-owned intellectual property or technology, including inventions and copyrights.

For this cycle, the total available award pool is $150,000 for Track 1 and Track 2. We will be offering a one-time competitive selected award of up to $100,000 for up to 3 qualified applicants, depending on the requested budgets. Allocation of funds will depend on achievable milestones proposed and the aggregate total of all the selected proposals will not exceed $150,000. A single award of $35,000 is available for Track 3 to an early career faculty or postdoctoral researcher.


We facilitate the development, protection and commercialization of UCR's research and and intellectual property.  We assist in the invention disclosure process of UCR's innovative technologies and the legal protection of researcher's developed intellectual property.

  • IP Strategy development

    We work with faculty to generate tailored IP Strategies for patent issuance and licensing success.  During the process, we perform or coordinate market analyses and patentability assessments as needed to support IP decisions.

  • Disclosures

    An invention disclosure (also known as a record of invention) is a formal communication by faculty and graduate students to our team of any invention they have developed at UCR under which (a) the invention is conceived or developed with the use of gift, grant, or contract funds administered by the University, or; (b) the invention is conceived or developed with the use of University facilities or other resources, not including the use of university facilities such as an office desktop computer or; (c) the invention is conceived or developed in the course of the faculty member's university activities, or; (d) the conception or development of the invention incurs University obligations to a third party.

    We receive and process invention disclosures submitted to the University and facilitate compliance to required sponsor/government reporting requirements.

  • Patent filing

    We provide management and coordination of all University patent prosecution actions and are the conduit for all patent counsel communications with the University.  We work with outside counsel to facilitate issuance of University patents.

  • Licensing

    Our team helps to market disclosed inventions, identify possible partners and license opportunities, and negotiate license agreements.

    UCR inventors receive a share of the net royalties and fees from licensing, in accordance with the UC Patent Policy.  Royalty payments to inventors are made each year in November based on the preceding fiscal year income, expense, and reimbursement. If you have a question about income associated with the commercialization of your invention, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Brian Suh

Technology Commercialization


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Brian has over 14 years of experience in technology transfer and commercialization of technologies from university and federal labs. Brian holds an MBA from University of California, San Diego and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University.
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Patent Portfolio

Success Story

Multi-Million Dollar License Agreements

UCR signed two large multi-million dollar license agreements with a local firm to commercialize lithium-ion battery technologies applicable to electric vehicles developed from the labs of UCR faculty, Mihri and Cengiz Ozkan.