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International Partnerships

We incubate international technologies in Riverside California.  We facilitate technology transfer and entrepreneurship capacity building for organizations and entities across the globe.  We share best practices and collaborate to build strong entrepreneurial ecosystems that can contribute to economic development

See our International Services brochure to learn more about how we help international innovators and organizations”.

Our team has a wealth of experience in the successful transfer of technologies from academia to the market as well as in the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems.  Our robust team of mentors, industry experts and technology transfer professionals work together to support our client organizations, entrepreneurs and students where they are in the development process.       

Success Stories

International Program Services

  • Online experiential entrepreneurism training

    Increase the chances of entrepreneurial success diving deep into product-market fit. 

    The UCR National Science Foundation I-Corps Startups for Innovators Workshops utilizes the Lean Launchpad methodology championed by Steve Blank to quickly determine if there is a market for innovations.  During this hands-on online workshop students learn the basics of company formation, identify customers, define customer needs and pains, receive one-on-one mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and learn to effectively communicate their business to outsiders. 

  • One-on-one consulting

    Extend the capacity of your tech-transfer and entrepreneurial team and get expert tailored advise when you need it.

    UCR experts provide dedicated consulting to:

    • Provide feedback or specific recommendations on  growing tech transfer infrastructure.
    • Address issues with specific technologies or explore areas of interest.
    • Advise on entrepreneurial ecosystem development and mentorship to startups.
  • Startup and small business incubation

    Jump start businesses as part of the Riverside California startup community at the “START – International Incubation + Entrepreneurship Hub”

    1-3 month residency program at UCR’s incubation and entrepreneurship hub where companies go through a rigorous program accompanied by a seasoned mentor to further assess the potential for the business and explore penetrating the US market in a safe environment as entrepreneurs cross pollinate with other local and international startups.

  • Soft entry into the US market

    Access one of the largest customer bases in the America’s, access funds and be closer to strategic partners as a US entity.

    UCR’s team of experts facilitates company set up in the US to maximize potential access to funds and quick penetration of the market. UCR assists with team formation and close mentoring to increase the chances of success of foreign companies in the US. 

  • International Innovation Scholars

    The UCR International Innovation Scholars program gives innovators and technology entrepreneurs from across the globe the opportunity to explore the process and the opportunity to commercialize their technology in the United States supported by UCR’s best-in-class faculty, commercialization programs, mentors, and entrepreneurship education.  More information is available here.

The UCR EPIC International Incubator helps international entrepreneurs explore and penetrate the U.S market with dedicated support and a team of expert mentors.  From customer and market confirmation, to strategy development, business set up, launch, and hosting in our Life Sciences or ExCITE incubators, we are here to support you. Our efforts address pressing challenges faced by entrepreneurs when trying to access the U. S market.  Read our white paper here that outlines these issues based on a survey of Latin American incubators, accelerators and technology transfer offices.


Frank Rexach

Frank Rexach
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

(951) 827-9217

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Our  experiential programs and services:

  • Enrich already-established educational programs with a unique hands-on entrepreneurial component.
  • Accelerate business growth and shorten technology commercialization timelines.
  • Provide a soft entry into the North American market for international technologies.
  • Strengthen the regional capacity in commercialization and entrepreneurship.
  • Accelerate tech transfer and the learning curve in building tech transfer and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Your International Partnerships Liaison

Alexandra Orozco

Contact: Alexandra Orozco

Associate Director, International Partnerships EPIC
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

(951) 827-9217

Alexandra has 20 years of experience working in North and Latin America leading startups and SMEs towards growth and exploration of new markets.  Her experience spans the life sciences, sustainability and IT sectors among others. Alexandra holds an MBA from Dalhousie University in Canada as well as BBA in International Business from EAFIT University in Colombia.