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The Office of Technology Partnerships (OTP) is here to help you access UCR’s world-class faculty, cutting-edge research and facilities, and well-trained diverse students

Read below to learn how OTP can support your growth goals through collaborative partnerships.  At any time feel free to contact one of our industry liaisons for more information.   

UCR’s Corporate Sponsored Research team assists aligning your technological needs with the innovative research at UCR.  The CSR team’s involvement spans from UCR partner identification to research collaboration development to negotiation of contracts.


Corporate Research Partners

Success Story

Industry Sponsored Research

Our office successfully negotiated a $170,000 sponsored research agreement that will allow Professor Hailing Jin in the Microbiology and Plant Pathology department to further target certain fungal diseases of crop plants for potential translation to practical application.

Your Industry Liaison

Misty Madero

Principle Contracts and Grants Officer
Corporate Sponsored Research
(951) 827-2210

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Misty has over 18 years of experience in negotiating contracts and university sponsored research with over 9 years working directly with corporate sponsors. She holds a MA in Public Administration and BA in English from Arizona State University.

Misty Madero


Tammy Whetter

Senior Contract and Grant Officer
Corporate Sponsored Research
(951) 827-7986

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Tammy is a Senior Contract and Grant Officer at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) Office of Technology Partnerships. She began her career working for the DoD and DoE in the contracting officer series.

Tammy Whetter

Industry Focused Programs/Services

We provide industry with an integrated approach to license intellectual property; secure faculty collaborations and fund sponsorships; as well as invest in UCR and local startups.


    We facilitate collaborations and license agreements between faculty at UCR and industry.

    •  Licensing to startups or established companies
    •  Issuing of options to sponsors

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    We assist UCR researchers and industry with the legal elements that facilitate a successful funded research partnership. We also help UCR and community members with guidance to obtain federal research funding to advance their research toward commercialization.

    Our services include:

    • Contract Negotiation, preparation and management for sponsored research engagements to ensure both parties are aligned and protected. We look after the contract so that the focus remains on the research and the opportunities ahead.
    • Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) development to facilitate the shipping and receiving of research materials from and to UCR.
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) development to facilitate potential research partnership and business discussions protecting confidential information.
    • Assistance navigating the application process for SBIR/STTR federal grants from the Small Business Administration. Our SBIR/STTR resource center offers guidance and expertise to maximize the chances of applicant success.

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Technology Spotlight

Did you know that UCR has over 500 available technologies to license that span from plant varieties, battery technologies, to bio-markers? Here are 3 of the many cutting-edge patents that can be licensed!

One-Step Synthesis of Aligned Nanoparticles

Tech ID: 32381 / UC Case 2021-814
PI: Michael Zachariah, Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Researchers led by Prof. Michael Zachariah have developed an electromagnetic levitation technique to generate metal nanoparticles and tune their aggregate structure and morphology. The team has successfully demonstrated the formation of chain assemblies of 20nm particles with ferromagnetic metals such as iron, nickel and copper.



Energetic materials



Biomedical imaging

Filtration and purification

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Human Resistin for the Treatment of Sepsis

Tech ID: 29029 / UC Case 2016-672-0
PI: Meera Nair, Biomedical Sciences

Prof. Meera Nair and her colleagues at UCR have discovered that human resistin may be used as a therapy to treat sepsis.  Using a transgenic mouse model expressing human resistin, researchers showed that  mice expressing resistin had a 80-100% rate of survival from a sepsis-like infection when compared to wildtype mice with the same infection. 

Market Size:
The market size is about $23B in 2013

Suggested Uses:

Use of human resistin to treat sepsis.

Use of human resistin to modulate inflammation in TLR-4 mediated diseases.

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Early Diagnosis and Treatment for Citrus Greening Disease

Tech ID: 29708 / UC Case 2011-403-0
PI: Hailing Jin, Microbiology & Plant Pathology

University of California, Riverside researcher, Prof. Hailing Jin, has shown that several citrus small RNAs are induced upon infection by Candidatius Liberibacter asiaticus (Las).  These miRNAs and siRNAs would enable the early diagnosis of HLB in citrus trees and nursery stocks.  

Suggested Uses:

Early diagnosis and treatment of citrus greening disease

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