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Verical Farming

Climate change and other factors such as a decreasing amount of available land for cultivation are affecting traditional agricultural production systems that in turn negatively impact our food supply and ability to feed a growing global population. It has become imperative that new agricultural innovations be created and brought to the market to ensure a sustainable supply of food. The effects of climate change, which increase both biotic and abiotic stresses on traditionally grown crops, are significantly impacting productivity. Changes in temperature and precipitation patterns are causing frequent droughts, heat waves, and heavy rainfall in many growing regions affecting crop yields and quality1. Climate change is also decreasing biodiversity, reducing the resilience of ecosystems and challenging the ability of agriculture to adapt to drastically changing conditions2. Sustainable agriculture is the way to ensure a stable and reliable food supply in face of these challenges3.

Despite such advancements in the urban agricultural sector, much research is still needed to ensure that we continue to create more sustainable food production options for future generations. The potential of CEA is great, and to advance innovation, Unfold, an industry-leading seed and digital solutions company that focuses on advancing the vertical farming industry, has launched an R&D collaboration with the University of California Riverside (UC Riverside) focusing on the urban agriculture sector.  Advances in CEA will require a diversity of collaborations focused on innovations across crop genetics, automation, data analytics, and advanced environmental control systems. 

This collaboration has been structured to leverage the technical expertise of both Unfold and UC Riverside, with the potential for the successful commercialization of innovations that may be developed through the partnership. Unfold looks to join forces with industry leaders across the agricultural, technology and academic spaces and is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with UC Riverside, a world-class R1 land grant research university with an extensive agricultural research history of over one hundred years. UC Riverside is equally excited to begin establishing a working research relationship with Unfold, which will allow for the commercial translation of technologies emanating from the institution. As this partnership develops, Unfold and UC Riverside plan to update the academic and agricultural communities on their progress. Unfold and UC Riverside believe that true progress results when the entrepreneurial world and academic institutions collide.

 About Unfold

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Unfold is accelerating the “seed to table” capabilities of vertical farming with an integrated offering of superior seeds, digital services, and agronomic insight. Based in Davis, California, Unfold’s mission is to create a world where the freshest, most nutritious, and most delicious produce is available to every person on the planet. For additional information about Unfold or to hear about potential career opportunities, visit



About UC Riverside Office of Technology Partnerships

UC Riverside, through the Office of Technology Partnerships, facilitates the development and commercialization of ideas emanating from UCR and the community for the benefit of society.  UC Riverside works closely with industry in collaborative partnerships to develop the technologies of the future.  To learn more about UC Riverside’s latest research and opportunities for collaboration visit  

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