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The Corporate Sponsored Research team supports collaboration between the University of California, Riverside and companies in the Inland Empire and around the world. In order to maximize the value of each company's relationship with UC Riverside, we provide access to the entire campus.

We are committed to helping our corporate collaborators meet their research, technology, and workforce goals. We begin with a conversation about your company’s objectives and our capabilities. Then, we connect you with our science and engineering faculty doing relevant research who might be able to provide technology solutions to your company's objectives. If a fit is identified, our office is ready to work with you on generating a corporate sponsored research agreement. Such an engagement will also give you access to our talented and diverse pool of students working in our faculty laboratories. These students could be the next generation of technology leaders in your company.

Together we will develop a road map to identify long-term investment and engagement opportunities that align with your business goals.  To start the conversation, contact us today.


UCR's Corporate Sponsored Research team helps UCR employees and Industry work together to collaborate on research, enter into non-disclosure agreements or material transfer agreements, and submit SBIR/STTRs.  We can assist with each step of the process from early discussions with Industry to negotiating agreements and through post award processing. 

  • Industry ​Sponsored Research Agreements

    Agreements with for-profit sponsors cover many activities including basic, applied or developmental research, collaborative research, and various types of testing.  As a public, non-profit educational institution, the University is bound by certain policies and regulations regarding what it can and cannot accept in an agreement. Whenever possible, the University tries to negotiate an agreement using the appropriate standard University contract language for the activity proposed. These standard agreements address key concepts required by University policy.

  • ​Non-Disclosure Agreements

    A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), also referred to as a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) or a Secrecy Agreement, is a contract between the university and one or more outside entities, (e.g., a company), to facilitate and govern the sharing of confidential and proprietary information.   An NDA may be needed to have discussions with an Industry partner prior to entering into a collaboration.  If confidential information will be shared between the parties, it is strongly recommended an NDA should be established to protect the confidentiality of both parties. 

  • ​Material Transfer Agreements

    In order to enhance campus research and increase research collaboration with industry, UCR encourages the transfer of materials to and from our campus.  Examples of the type of material requested for transfer include, but are not limited to, biological (from DNA to live animals), non-biological, chemical compounds, data contained in databases, and software codes.

    If you are a UCR Researcher, to get started, and to provide you with timely service, please complete and submit a Material Transfer Request form.

    If you are an Industry Partner, please email us at

  • Small Business Innovation Research-SBIR/STTR Resource Center

    In partnership with the EPIC SBDC, The Office of Technology Partnerships offers faculty and small businesses in Inland Southern California comprehensive SBIR/STTR proposal support. 

    SBIR/STTR Resource Center will help you:

    • Locate agencies offering SBIR/STTR funding with focus on your innovation.
    • Understand the SBIR/STTR programs and requirements.
    • Connect and communicate with the agency’s program manager.
    • Connect with University resources, students, faculty experts.
    • Review and improve proposal drafts.
    • Produce a viable commercialization plan.
    • Find resources for your company.
    • Build your team and connect to potential partners.

    See our Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​Field Trials

    A Field Trial is defined as an evaluation of a sponsor's material in an agricultural field, greenhouse, or growth chamber trial, where the sponsor provides both the material and the evaluation protocol. A Field Trial does not include any other sponsor materials or products (e.g., equipment, etc.). Field Trials do not include trials conducted for the purpose or furtherance of basic research.

    A 15% indirect cost rate (of total direct costs) applies to all Field Trials.

Success Story

Corporate Sponsored Research

Our office successfully negotiated a $170,000 sponsored research agreement that supports Professor Hailing Jin in the Microbiology and Plant Pathology department to further her research on controlling certain crop plant diseases. Her technology has great potential for commercial application.

Your Corporate Sponsored Research Liaisons

Misty Madero

Principle Contracts and Grants Officer
Corporate Sponsored Research
(951) 827-2210

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Misty has over 18 years of experience in negotiating contracts and university sponsored research with over 9 years working directly with corporate sponsors. She holds a MA in Public Administration and BA in English from Arizona State University.

Misty Madero


Tammy Whetter

Senior Contract and Grant Officer
Corporate Sponsored Research
(951) 827-7986

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Tammy is a Senior Contract and Grant Officer at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) Office of Technology Partnerships. She began her career working for the DoD and DoE in the contracting officer series.

Tammy Whetter

Jim Llano

Associate Director
Corporate Strategic Partnerships
(951) 827-4808

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Jim Llano